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  • Research other parks' programs, make a proposal to the Board of Directors.

  • Possibly work with the Fundraising committee to obtain funding.

  • Possibly work with the Beautification and Maintenance committee to install collection stations, organize volunteers to regularly empty the recycling bins.  

  • Volunteers are needed to empty recycling bins on a regular basis (the more volunteers, the less often each would be needed.)


    Exotic Plants:

  • Research exotic invasives.

  • Work with Environmental Stewardship committee to locate areas in need of work, make a proposal to the Board of Directors.

    Environmentally Responsible Maintenance:

  • Research alternatives to spraying along dams and power lines, communicate with the Board of Directors.

  • Work with the Fundraising Committee to fund the project.

  • Possibly recruit/volunteer to help implement the plan.


    Park Watch Hiker:

  • Hike in the park on a regular basis.  Walk along different trails.  Note problems and opportunities.  Alert the Board of Directors.  

  • Work with other committees as needed to identify possible project sites.

Environmental Stewardship Committee

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