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For all memberships, renewals, new or gift, please fill out the form below. If it is for more than one membership, enter the additional names in the Additional Info box. The standard membership is $10. Choosing a higher tier such as Redbud, Dogwood etc. as show below includes the membership fee, if you choose to be a member. For this you will receive our email newsletter - Loblolly Times - and be able to vote as a member. Not interested in becoming a member? You can still help sustain our work by becoming a Supporter. Your financial assistance is vital to enable us to pursue long-term goals such as hiring a coordinator to oversee projects. Simply want to donate? Click on the Simply Donate button.

You can indicate this by entering a "M" and/or "S" in the Membership field below. 


  • If this is a gift membership(s) then place your information in the form and the gift recipient(s) in the Additional Info box to enable us to send them notification of the gift and the gift giver. You may also add other comments here.

NOTE: When you have filled out the form click the SEND button to send us your information.  You will then need to select a payment option from one of the options (boxes below), i.e. by mail, in person or online.


Your membership will take effect when payment is received.


  • Member -       $10

  • Redbud -       $50

  • Dogwood -    $100

  • Tulip Poplar - $250

  • Loblolly -      $500

  • Other -         $___


Fields with an * are required.

  • By mail:

     Make checks payable to:

     Friends of Bowie Nature Park

     and mail to:

    Friends of Bowie Nature Park
    P.O. Box 232
    Fairview  TN  37062

  • In Person: 

     Connect with a Board member  by clicking HERE.

  • Online:

      All donations online will be processed by PayPal which accepts PayPal accounts or credit cards. To make a donation online, click on the Donate button below. You will be brought to the Friends PayPal website to enter the amount and to complete the transaction.

Donations to Friends of Bowie Nature Park

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