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                                                       Fundraising Committee

    Silent Auction:

  • Help collect, organize and store items for our annual auction at Nature Fest.

  • Work with the Outreach committee to publicize the auction.

  • Help set up/break down on Nature Fest Day.

  • Help supervise and collect money on Nature Fest Day.  

  • Help collect money after Nature Fest Day.


    Another Sale:

  • The state allows us to have two sales per year without needing to collect sales tax.  Our silent auction is an annual event.  We typically have one other sale, often Christmas ornaments.  This can be continued and expanded, or perhaps we may decide to change tactics and sell something else.  

  • Research the possibilities and report to the Board of Directors.


    Seek public or corporate donations:  

  • Create fliers soliciting donations for the group as a whole and/or for specific projects or events.

  • Talk to business owners to request donations.

  • Approach other organizations to obtain funding.


    Grant Writing:

  • Work with other committees and/or the Board of Directors to identify a need, research grants available, and write grants to fund particular projects.

Fundraising Committee

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