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    Member Communications:

  • Help gather information for the Loblolly Times.

  • Attend one city meeting a month and report about any park-related actions and proposals.

  • Possibly interview city officials or experts in a particular field (e.g., ornithologist, entymologist, biologist, etc.).

  • Send get well and condolences, etc. to members


    Bowie Historical Committee:

  • Research the history of the Bowie family.

  • Maintain and refresh museum displays.

  • Find ways to present information about the Bowie family to the public, to keep the story alive.


    Event Organizing:

  • Help the park staff organize music events, family events, volunteer projects, races, festivals, lectures, slideshows, etc.

  • Propose and/or help organize new events.

  • Help with our Naturefest booth.  



  • Help recruit volunteers for events and projects.

  • Help recruit new members.

  • Work with the Board of Directors to help recruit new board members.

  • Work on revising our membership brochure.


    Community Relations:

  • Write articles for the Fairview Observer and/or the Tennessean about events and projects in the park.

  • Create items to post on our website and on our Facebook Page.

  • Manage our website.

  • Manage our Facebook page.



  • Take pictures at events and projects to post on electronic media or submit to printed media.  

  • Keep a scrapbook of photos.

  • Produce posters with photos of events and projects to display at Nature Fest and other public events.

Outreach Committee

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