Ongoing Project(s)

The Friends of Bowie Nature Park have the OK by Park and City officials to manage, maintain and beautify the landscape area around the Park's Nature Center. To accomplish this, a Garden Crew has been organized by the Friends to do the work. Mitch Hampton is graciously providing the expertise and know how to the Crew. Initial work was started on Friday March 15th. This will be an ongoing effort not only for the initial clean up and plantings but maintaining it over the seasons and years. GroWild Inc. is also providing guidance and assistance to the project.

Whether you're a member of the Friends of Bowie Nature Park or not, if you are interested in helping in this effort (and have not already signed up), you can show up at the Nature Center when there is scheduled work or email the President of the Friends, by clicking here. An attempt will be made to post future work schedules on this page. All hands are welcome!


A new sign to be placed by the Rain Garden. It will be 36" W x 20" H

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John Stark places an enlargement of a photograph of Van Bowie into the permanent display of Bowie memorabilia in Bowie Park's Nature Center. The picture is one of only a few showing Dr. Bowie wearing a dress. She was photographed for an article in the July 3, 1978 Tennessean, "The Land Is Alive Again...Thanks to Her." Stark was a member of the Bowie Historical Committee and is helping prepare for a new exhibit coming to the Nature Center in August.

Friends President Eva Harris presents Rosa McKinney, Evangeline Bowie's caregiver, with a Certificate of Appreciation for "past and continuing donations of Bowie family items to the Friends of Bowie Nature Park."  Recent donations include a chalk drawing of Byrd Bowie circa 1944, a wooden baby cradle and the Bowie family baby buggy.

Bowie Nature Park...our CROWN JEWEL, forever.